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"Our Most Precious Commodities"

Good Morning Holy Spirit New day. New mercies. New opportunities.

As I was quietly praying, Psalm 27 came to me as one of the STRENGTH scriptures for my first blog of 2016. The Lord had given that word to me for this season. As I began to read the different versions, I literally felt that strength encompassing me!! When we are IN HIM, ALL THAT HE IS BECOMES DISTRIBUTED TO US!!! JESUS CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS COMMODITIES THAT WE POSSESS. Jesus bought our freedom and the Holy Spirit allows us to maneuver through every life situation THROUGH THE STRENGTH OF THE LORD. The Holy Spirit also is God WITH us! So whenever you need strength, remember WHO and WHAT is inside of you!! ~ Lady Jewels Read: Psalm 27

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