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I am a Life Mapping Strategist, Systempreneur and Trainer who coaches women with Life Key strategies to set, clarify and maintain focus through purpose development, goal setting, vision coaching and life mapping. By unlocking hidden treasures in the soul, I create blueprints for success as a Holistic Life Coach, in my Signature HOLISTIC  Wellness Program, realigning women to their true identity and purpose. I utilize the same concepts as a PREMIERE Book Coach, to help my clients go from stuck, to start, to finished.

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Jewels of Wellness serves our community by engaging in a broad range of strategies that promote youth's health, wellness, education, and purpose development.

We are a Qualified Education Service Provider (QESP) with the Ohio After-school Child Enrichment (ACES) Education Savings Account program. If you would like to apply for the Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment Educational Savings Program, click below. We look forward to serving you and your family!

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Now accepting new Faith-Based Therapy clients in the areas of Soul Care Recovery and Grief Counseling. Our Faith Based Therapy™ model is highly effective for mental and emotional rehabilitation, along with natural health methods for physical assistance from chemical imbalances. Schedule your consultation below . Healing and wholeness are for you!

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Our Purpose Development Coaching Programs give you the tools to help identify or fine-tune your passions, helping you to discover what's "under the hood" of your soul to infuse your character with a greater sense of purpose and puts a system in place to help you manage what's revealed. To see if we are a fit for one another, schedule your discovery session below!


Grief encompasses the range of unpleasant emotions that occur after a loss. Grief is most associated with death, but many other types of loss can result in differing levels of grief. It can be a strong and overwhelming emotion. You can feel numb and separated from your daily life. Grab your E-Book for only $5.99.

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