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Clapping Audience

Staci Kitchen 12/19/2022

My time in coaching with Apostle Shelby helped me to fully discover my purpose and prepared me to walk through a time of transition. She guided me in identifying how my purpose, identity and assignment were connected and provided a roadmap for navigating. Shelby is Spirit-led, brings the Word of God along with strategy and practical wisdom to bear on the coaching process. Coaching with Shelby was well worth the investment and set me on a trajectory to fulfillment of my purpose.

Dezyuan Gunn 5/10/2022

"I started counseling with Apostle Shelby for inner healing, and deliverance....I was in continuous torment. The hospital treated me for anxiety and panic attacks. My whole life changed, as the scales fell off my eyes. I could see everything so clearly. My joy, peace, freedom, no more chains! My mind was so clear! I thank God for my deliverance! I thank Apostle for guiding and being there for me as my counselor, my mentor, and my friend and sister in Christ."


Mischelle Pollard 11/12/21

"Shelby Frederick is my counselor and mentor. Her wisdom has been the best part of my healing process with her kind but stern words and her professionalism. Shelby embodies kindness and through my counseling sessions with her she has provided me with tools to help me cope with PTSD. The things that I have learned both mentally and spiritually will carry with me the rest of my life and I am so thankful for having a better outlook because of her strategies. If you are in need of a Mentor, Counselor, Wellness Coach, or simply an ear to hear you definitely want to reach out to Shelby you will thank God you did."


Pauline LaPaugh 2/16/21

"Think Like A Champion!

30 Day Mind Fit Spiritual Development Workbook. Challenged your thinking but also challenge you to search the scriptures. To see where your thoughts match or didn’t match The Word of God. The S.A.S. principle seek, apply and share builds strategies to learn, hear God in what He is saying and think how to share. This was an excellent learning tool. I will be sharing This book. Thank you Lady Jewels!"


Lyrical Rose 11/6/2020

"Shelby was able to go to the root of the issues and also use unique divine strategies to kill the strangling weeds. She was able to go to a place in my inner child who was still stuck in feelings of abandoned support and we "pulled the threads of the old garment" that I wore and replaced it with a BRAND NEW one. She is VERY PATIENT and humble. I'm grateful that I had an opportunity to not only heal but to experience her GIFT. I learned during our sessions. Shelby is a wonderful source of knowledge, wisdom and compassion. I'm Healed and in a very good place in my life. I feel AMAZING and EVERYTHING looks NEW! Thank you Shelby"


Patricia M. 11/6/2020

"With the help of Holy Spirit and power of forgiveness. Shelby walked me through a prayer and heaven open and the God of breakthrough came in a minister healing to that open wound. Literally felt the Lord of the host come within my bloodline and gather the fragrance fragments of my soul and I could literally see the Almighty God bring healing into my inner being and just felt this weight lifted off of me and the Lord filled me with his love and I stepped into a new place of freedom."


A. Hall 11/4/2020

"I’m not sure where to begin so I’ll just say that my inner healing sessions with Shelby brought me back to life!! This experience has been so freeing and it was administered in love. I have a different perspective now concerning life situations due to my inner healing sessions. Thank you times infinity Shelby"


LaTasha B. 6/13/2019

"The most Usable Success Strategy that I gained from this retreat is the different type of people - labels. ex. The Dominate, The Know It All, etc. It was very enlightening. A lot of good information, the views given regarding how to treat staff. Employees are important. Lead Through Love."


Teneshia Eldridge 4/14/19

"The beginning steps were the hardest because it forced my true emotions to the surface to be able to truly process through a breakup, career changes and life coaching. Shelby was non-judgemental and even prayed with me through the toughest moments. I don't know any other holistic wellness jewel who is as professional and down to earth as her! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING SHELBY! :)"


Mischelle 9/30/2018

"I studied the teachings without the book “Think like a Champion” but could not resist purchasing it because the information that you obtain causes a thirst for more, you want a daily dose of pure wisdom and that is what this book provides! "


Brenda Nash, PHD 9/26/2018

"The book, “Think Like A Champion” is a fabulous tool that enables one to ponder on the different daily mini devotions using the same scripture over and over again so that the roots of this truth can go deeper and deeper. It beckons one to go into the helms of revelation, meditation and prayer with the Holy Spirit. It challenges you to explore Romans 12:2 from the eyes of God's Spirit, because if a person simply skips over the Scripture, and the questions because both are repetitive, then they will miss the intimacy of relationship with Holy Spirit."


D. Yvonne 8/1/18

"The training on intercession has pushed me to seek more. It has challenged me to reevaluate my prayer life. Thank you Shelby for being obedient, efficient, and consistent. Not only do you give great instruction on intercession it shows in your prayers."


S.Owens 7/31/18

DNA of Intercession Training

"I love how the trainer, Shelby Frederick is passionate and knowledgeable about prayer. She truly lives what she teaches. The content she teaches on Intercession is very unique yet biblically sound. I absolutely love the scriptures God has revealed to her to use. John 17:11b.....that they may be one, as we are....Jesus heart desire for the body of Christ (that they be one with him as Jesus is one with his father)! Out of this vertical intimacy comes a heart and deep concern to pray for the needs of others."


Kyna Johnson 7/29/18

"These teachings have been absolutely amazing and prayer life changing. I prayed, but only out of a sense of Christian duty. These teachings have sparked a hunger and desire to truly commune with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My mind has totally been transformed relating to prayer..Shelby I thank God for your obedience to this great call."

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