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Youth Mentorship

Lady Jewels serves the community by engaging in a broad range of strategies that promote youth's health, wellness, education, and purpose development.

We believe that all youth should have access to high-quality, educational, and social-emotional options outside the classroom, increasing their learning desire for new opportunities. Our after-school programs provide non-traditional education in various industry sectors. Our Youth Empowerment Zone provides training and mentorship in the following areas:


  • Mental/Emotional WellnessLeadership DevelopmentEntrepreneurshipTeam BuildingLiteracyBasic Life Skills

  • Garden LifeCreative ArtsTutoring, Self-Care For FamiliesGrief Support For Families

REGISTRATION: A yearly registration fee of $50.00 per child is due upon enrollment in the program. This non- refundable fee is due upon initial registration and/or at the beginning of the school year. The fee is used to replace the art supplies, play equipment, and games. Workshop tuition rates do not vary based on attendance, i.e., illnesses, vacations, or absences.


TUITION:  Quarterly Rate ( 6 - week sessions)


Mental/Emotional Wellness   - $149

Leadership Development       - $149

Entrepreneurship                     - $149

Team Building                          - $149

Literacy                                     - $149

Basic Life Skills                         - $149

Garden Life                              - $149

Creative Arts                            - $149

Tutoring                                    - $149

*** This is the list of workshops that we offer. Stay connected to receive notification of what classes we are offering. ***

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