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Our Subscription Box

At JEWELS OF WELLNESS, we're not just any subscription box service. We're a light for professional women who manage the delicate balance of life's many roles, from nurturing a family to leading in the business world, all while making self-care a priority. We firmly believe that wellness is multifaceted and essential for achieving optimum health and unlocking our fullest potential. To this end, we emphasize the importance of eight critical dimensions of wellness: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, financial, environmental, physical, occupational, and social.

Our mission is to create unique experiences tailored to the women who do it all, offering them not just products, but pathways to enriching their lives across these eight dimensions. Each quarter, our subscription boxes are thoughtfully curated to reflect the diverse needs and aspirations of the Jewels of Wellness Community. This ensures that every box is a step towards enhanced well-being and a more purposeful life.

Personalized Products: Tailor-Made Treasures

At Jewels of Wellness, we believe that personal touches make gifts truly special. That's why we're thrilled to offer a bespoke range of personalized products, perfect for any occasion. Whether you're celebrating milestones, expressing gratitude, or just because, our custom-made treasures are designed to convey your heartfelt messages and unique sentiments.

Our Customizable Collection Includes:

  • Mugs: Start every morning with a smile! Customize our high-quality mugs with names, messages, or inspirational quotes to make every sip a reminder of your care and thoughtfulness.

  • Bottles: Hydration meets personalization with our customizable bottles. Ideal for the gym, office, or everyday adventures, these bottles are a stylish and practical way to keep your loved ones refreshed and reminded of your affection.

  • Blankets: Wrap your loved ones in warmth and love with our personalized blankets. Choose from a variety of designs and add your personal touch to create a cozy, comforting gift that hugs them back.

  • Pillows: Dreamy comfort meets personalized charm. Our customizable pillows offer both decorative beauty and cuddle-worthy comfort, making them a perfect accent for any home.

  • Candles: Illuminate their days with personalized candles. Scented with exquisite fragrances and customized with your special messages, these candles are a glowing tribute to your relationships.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or a "just because" moment, our personalized products are designed to celebrate the unique bond you share with your recipients. Each item is crafted with care, ensuring that your gift is as memorable as it is meaningful.

Brand Your Biz

Are you a business, ministry, or organization looking to elevate your brand with customized products? Jewels of Wellness is here to help. From client gifts to employee appreciation, our personalized mugs, bottles, blankets, pillows, candles, and MORE can be tailored to reflect your brand's ethos and style. Enhance your brand visibility, strengthen relationships, and leave a lasting impression with our unique product range.

Get Started with Your Customization

Ready to create your personalized gift or customize products for your business? Fill out our inquiry form to get started. Our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, ensuring that each product reflects the care, quality, and attention to detail that Jewels of Wellness is known for.

Embrace the art of giving with Jewels of Wellness personalized products – where every gift tells a story, and every item is a token of appreciation, love, and well-being.

Mother's Day Subscription Boxes Are Here!

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