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Rest & Reset: 21 Day Devotional Journal

Truth be told, we as a people don't understand what true rest is. We live in a society where everything is fast-paced. But that is not how we ae divinely designed to function. Join Author Lady Jewels on a journey of Rest & Reset. During this 21 day devotional, you will utilize the Seek, Apply & Share (S.A.S.) Principe from her "Think Like A Champion" book, to gain new perspectives on the power of rest and reset and the blessing it brings to your spirit, soul and body.

This beautiful, stylish journal-notebook features wraparound artwork that can be used for notes, inspiration, gratitude or whatever fits your needs. It makes a perfect gift for any occasion, including birthdays, weddings, graduations, and more. It is a perfect tool for intercessory prayer groups and women’s Bible study groups.

Shelby Frederick, also known as the Apostle of Prayer, is the Visionary and Founder of War Room Warriors Equipping Center, an apostolic hub whose foundation is prayer discipleship with a holistic lens. By focusing on the total man: spirit, soul and body, she effectively trains an army of intercessors who are skilled at bringing heaven to earth through prayer portals and a prayer power grid over cities, regions and states.

Rest & Reset: 21 Day Devotional Journal

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