In this teaching, you will learn 8 keys to shifting into a new paradigm of prayer. We will define realms, dimensions and the dimensions of the Tabernacle of Moses based from a new wineskin understanding. The workbook includes my Signature S.A.S. Principle Devotional Study pages. Below you will find the BONUS pdf workbook that you can download and print. You will receive a SECOND EMAIL WITH THE ACTUAL TEACHING LINK.


War Room Warriors School of Prayer believes that prayer is one of the most important foundational lessons in the life of every believer. Our teachings at War Room Warriors School of Prayer equips those who desire to grow deeper in their vertical relationship with The Father through the discipline of prayer. I pray that this teaching brings enlightment to your soul and strength to your walk with The Lord!


Blessings & Peace,

Shelby Frederick


New Wineskin For A New Paradigm Of Prayer

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