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Legacy of Love Mom's Tranquil Treasures Aromatics Scented Candles, 9oz

Introducing Tranquil Treasures Aromatics – your sanctuary in a jar, designed to transform any space into a haven of serenity and peace. Each candle is a testament to the art of unwinding, meticulously crafted to ease the weight of long and stressful days, leaving you enveloped in tranquility and comfort.

At the heart of Tranquil Treasures Aromatics is the belief that true relaxation comes from a harmonious blend of ambiance and inspiration. This is why our custom candle jars are more than just a source of light and fragrance; they are a canvas for your personal touch. 

The candle within each jar is a marvel of purity and sustainability, composed entirely of a natural soy wax blend. This choice not only ensures a cleaner burn but also promotes a healthier environment, making your relaxation experience guilt-free. The heart of the candle, a cotton wick, promises a consistent and soothing burn, inviting you to a world of calm with every light.

Tranquil Treasures Aromatics offers an exquisite selection of fragrances, each chosen to cater to diverse moods and preferences:

- Vanilla Bean: A warm, inviting aroma that wraps you in comfort, perfect for moments of reflection.

- Comfort Spice: A rich, enveloping scent that spices up your surroundings, creating a cozy atmosphere.

- Sea Breeze: Refreshing and light, this fragrance carries you away to a serene seaside escape.

- Unscented: For those who seek the simple elegance of a flickering flame without the fragrance, offering purity in its truest form.

- Fresh Balsam: Like a walk through an evergreen forest, it rejuvenates the senses with its crisp, clean scent.

- Spiced Pumpkin Ginger: A seasonal delight that combines the zest of ginger with the warmth of pumpkin spice.

- Pink Grapefruit: Energizing and bright, with a citrusy zing that awakens and uplifts.


: A therapeutic blend that soothes the mind, body, and soul, perfect for relaxation and meditation.


Each Tranquil Treasures Aromatics candle is a journey, an invitation to pause, breathe, and immerse yourself in moments of pure bliss. Choose your scent, personalize your jar, and let tranquility guide you to a place of restorative calm and peace.

NOTE! Keep the burning candle within sight, and keep away from children and pets. Never burn the candle near flammable items. For best results, burn the candle for 3 - 4 hours in each lighting and trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting. Discontinue use with 1/2" of wax remaining.

.: Size: 9 oz total (7.5 oz of wax)
.: 100% natural soy wax blend
.: Clear glass vessel
.: Average burn time: 50-60 hours
.: 100% cotton wick
.: Permanent adhesive label
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts
.: NB! All scents have the same natural color

Legacy of Love Mom's Tranquil Treasures Aromatics Scented Candles, 9oz

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