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21 Questions for EXTRAORDINARY Goal Setting

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Happy New Year!

God has blessed us to stand in 2023 with a fresh slate. Many will set out to make resolutions and set goals, but what exactly are GREAT Goals? How do we make goal setting EXTRAORDINARY?

GREAT Goals are

a) Outcome-focused: Once you understand your WHY (and it's enthusiastic why), you're 90% there!

b) In line with your values: The more a goal aligns with our inner or core values—the EASIER it is to achieve. Yes, we can achieve goals that don't align with our values, but it's harder and less satisfying.

c) Stated in the positive: i.e., I want healthy fingernails rather than I want to stop biting my nails.


  • Specific—so you know exactly what you're trying to achieve

  • Measurable—so you'll know when you've achieved it!

  • Actionable (by you)—so you are in control and can get it done

  • Realistic—so it is achievable

  • Time-Bound—has a deadline

Over the next five days, I will share 21 questions you must ask yourself before making your list, so subscribe to this blog! Tomorrow's topic is "Focusing on the Outcome."

Your Pivot Coach,

Lady Jewels

Check out my new website for "All Things Shelby" at!

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Shelby Frederick
Shelby Frederick
Jan 06, 2023

Good Day EXTRAORDINARY Goal Setters!

You made it to the last two questions of Extraordinary Goal Setting! If you leaned all the way into this activity, you gained a clear understanding of what it takes to makes goals. This is the roadmap you should follow every time you need to accomplish a goal. Without being intentional, your goals are really wishes without instructions. ~ Lady Jewels

Day #5 - Resources: Get Moving

1. What RESOURCES do you already have to help you achieve your goal? Make a list! eg. things, support from people, contacts, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, money, time etc.

2. What RESOURCES do you NEED to help you achieve your goal? Make a list!



Shelby Frederick
Shelby Frederick
Jan 05, 2023

Heyyyy EXTRAORDINARY Goal Setters!

How did you do with yesterday's questions? Did you discover that you had obstacles to your goal setting that would keep you from achieving your goals???? Well, today's questions are RIGHT ON TIME! Let's delve into Goal Sizing! ~ Lady Jewels

Day #4 Goal Sizing

1. Is your goal the right size to be working on? Too big? Break down into smaller goals. Too small or uninspiring? Make it into a larger or stretch goal.

2. What would be the MINIMUM/Super-Easy level of goal to achieve?

3. What would be your TARGET level of goal to achieve?

4. What would be your EXTRAORDINARY level of goal to achieve?



Shelby Frederick
Shelby Frederick
Jan 04, 2023

Heyyyy EXTRAORDINARY Goal Setters!

By now, you have focused on your OUTCOME and looked at your VALUES. Today, we will focus on identifying OBSTACLES. No goal has ever been without obstacles. The key to maneuvering THROUGH them is not to stop and get stuck. This is another day of digging deep into your purpose. The process that you are unwilling to commit to is the process that hinders you from reaching your goal. You didn't think it took all this to set a goal, right? Well, this is what we do in this community. We dig deep for maximum impact! You got this! I'm cheering you on! ~ Lady Jewels

Day #3 Identifying Obstacles

1. Can you start—and maintain—the a…


Shelby Frederick
Shelby Frederick
Jan 03, 2023


Yesterday we focused on OUTCOMES. Today, we will look at VALUES. Have you identified your personal values? Our values influence what we do, how we think, and how we feel about the world around us. When we do or see things that go against our values, we feel sad, bad, or get mad! And when we live life in a way that aligns with our values, we feel great - we're authentic, fulfilled, and happy! If you don't know your personal values, you may have a difficult time answering these questions with clarity. Schedule a Coaching Consultation here.

Let's GO Goal Setters! No vision is accomplished without putting in the work. ~ Lady Jewels

Day 2:…


Shelby Frederick
Shelby Frederick
Jan 02, 2023


One of the principles I share with my coaching clients is the importance of "chunking". So, instead of giving you all 21 questions, I will post them in the comments. Share your comments on your progress! We can't wait to not just to hear from you, but to learn from you. ~ Lady Jewels

Day 1: Focusing on the Outcome

1. What is it that you really, REALLY want? Dig deep…

2. What is the SPECIFIC outcome you're looking for?

3. What is the PAIN for you of NOT achieving your goal?

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