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What's Your Word

🎉 Good Morning 2019🎉 Something transformative happens when PapaGod speaks TO you ABOUT you. When we set HIM as the guiding compass in our lives, we will accomplish exactly what HE has spoken. 

For the past three years, I have intentionally sought Him for a Word of the year for my life and I have worked that Word from start to finish. I have seen growth and acceleration hit my life like never before. Now I know you are wondering how did I do it? I had to RENEW MY MIND to what He had spoken. I studied it, prayed it, meditated on it. But most importantly, I had to APPLY it. My mind had to become the "container" of the Word of the Lord, so that it could "process" through my life. It's good to see or hear a word and click "like" or type "Amen"! It's great to grab ahold of a word and say, "I'll take that for myself"! But it is PRICELESS when you lay before the Lord and He speaks to you Spirit to spirit. 

I encourage you on this first day of 2019 to be intentional about hearing the voice of the Lord for yourself. It will not only increase your intimacy with Him but it will strengthen your relationship as you grow in love and grace. Make this year an AMAZING one! 

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