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Join Mind Fit AcademyTM

Are you a woman looking to better equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to reach your full potential? Look no further than Mind Fit Academy! 


We provide a safe space for women in transition to gain knowledge and skills in ministry, leadership development, and entrepreneurship. Our training, support, and mentorship will help you walk into a space of healing, deliverance and personal transformation. Our curriculum covers the 8 dimensions of wellness including physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and mental health.

Unlock your full potential with Mind Fit Academy. Our programs and mentorship offer an abundance of resources, guidance, and strategies to help women leaders excel in their ministry and holistic living. Join us today to experience the power of transformation within yourself.


Spring Clean Your Life

Are you a woman in transition? Spring is the perfect time to review your progress, refocus and get a fresh outlook. Give your life the refresh it needs with the help of our online group training program. Get equipped with the skills for ministry, leadership and holistic living. We designed our 8 dimensions of wellness and Women in Transition programs to help you achieve maximum success. Refresh and renew your life today at Mind Fit Academy™ – join us now and start spring cleaning!

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