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Mon, Aug 05



"GROWth Blueprint: Single Goal, Solid Gain" Monday Group Coaching

Empower Your Journey: From Vision to Victory with Precision, Passion, and Purpose.

"GROWth Blueprint: Single Goal, Solid Gain" Monday Group Coaching
"GROWth Blueprint: Single Goal, Solid Gain" Monday Group Coaching

Time & Location

Aug 05, 2024, 8:00 PM – Aug 27, 2024, 9:30 PM


About the event

Join Our Exclusive 4-Week GROWth Blueprint Coaching Cohort! 

Welcome to the GROWth Blueprint Coaching Cohort, a focused 4-week group coaching program designed to build on your newfound clarity and mindset, turning your vision into actionable success.  This cohort is held on MONDAY EVENINGS. Replays are available. 

What You'll Experience:

Week 1: Deep Dive into Goal Setting

  • Session Focus: Refining Your Vision
  • Coaching Outline: Revisit and refine your goals, ensure alignment with your core values, and set precise objectives for the cohort duration.
  • Benefits: You will gain deeper clarity, sharpen your focus, and set a strong foundation for the next phase of your journey.

Week 2: Strategic Action Planning

  • Session Focus: Creating Your Blueprint
  • Coaching Outline: Develop a detailed action plan, identify key milestones, and map out the steps needed to achieve your refined goals.
  • Benefits: Establish a clear, step-by-step plan, boost your confidence, and feel prepared to take decisive action.

Week 3: Building Resilience & Overcoming Challenges

  • Session Focus: Strengthening Your Resolve
  • Coaching Outline: Identify potential obstacles, develop resilience strategies, and learn techniques to maintain momentum and stay motivated.
  • Benefits: It enhances your problem-solving skills, builds emotional resilience, and ensures you stay on track even in the face of challenges.

Week 4: Review, Reflect, & Propel Forward

  • Session Focus: Celebrating Progress & Planning for the Future
  • Coaching Outline: Reflect on your achievements, celebrate your progress, and create a sustainable plan for continued growth and success.
  • Benefits: Solidify your achievements, reinforce positive habits, and leave with a clear vision for ongoing personal and professional growth.

 Benefits of Joining the GROWth Blueprint Coaching Cohort: 

  • Enhanced Clarity: Deepen your understanding of your goals and how to achieve them.
  • Strategic Planning: Create a detailed, actionable plan tailored to your unique aspirations.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with fellow Mindset Movers, share experiences, and build lasting relationships.
  • Ongoing Accountability: Stay motivated and on track with regular check-ins and peer support.
  • Exclusive Resources: Access additional tools and materials to complement your coaching experience.

 Take the Next Step Towards Achieving Your Goals  Join the GROWth Blueprint Coaching Cohort and continue your journey toward clarity, action, and success. Together, we’ll turn your vision into a concrete plan and propel you towards your aspirations with confidence and resilience. 

Ready to continue your transformation? Reserve your spot now and build your blueprint for success!


  • GROWth Blueprint Mon. Coaching

    Exclusive Workbook: A comprehensive workbook to guide you through each week's activities and reflections. Private Group Access: Continued access to a dedicated community for support and encouragement beyond the cohort.

    +$9.98 service fee



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