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Wellness encompasses the whole man: spirit, soul and body, as lived out in 8 different areas of life, which we call the 8 Dimensions of Wellness model (Spiritual, Emotional/Mental, Intellectual, Financial, Environmental, Physical, Occupational and Social).


In order for us to achieve optimal wellness, we can't only focus on one or two areas. We must become intentional about addressing every dimension of who we are, from the inside out.  

As a Holistic Wellness Consultant, I provide resources such as Massage Therapy, Healing Circles for Emotional Wellness, and Wellness Coaching and Faith-based Therapy. My vision is to create supportive safe, no judgment spaces for healing and breakthrough. My mission is to unlock hidden treasures in the soul and create blueprints of success for purpose deployment.   


  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner

  • Certified Purpose Development Coach

  • Certified Clinical Faith-based Counselor & Instructor

Counseling Shelby Frederick

Now accepting new Faith-Based Therapy clients in the areas of Soul Care Recovery and Grief Counseling. Our Faith Based Therapy™ model is highly effective for mental and emotional rehabilitation, along with natural health methods for physical assistance from chemical imbalances. Schedule your consultation below . Healing and wholeness are for you!

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