ArcheTekton Consulting, Coaching & Counseling, LLC

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Mission Statement:

ArcheTekton Consulting, Coaching & Counseling, LLC falls under the umbrella of Jewels of Wellness, Entreprise.


  • We provide Leadership Development Training & Consulting for Corporations and Faith-Based Ministries. 

  • Our Purpose Development Coaching Programs gives clients the tools to help identity or fine-tune their passions, helps individuals discover what's "under the hood" of their soul to infuse their character with a greater sense of purpose, and puts a system in place to help them manage what's revealed.

  • Our Clinical Faith-Based Counseling is a biblical model of therapy based on the dynamics of beliefs, choices and faith. Faith-Based Therapy is a Christian model that explains behavior in practical terms. Once understood, change is more easily facilitated.

Executive Coaching Program
Inner Healing & Deliverance Service

Our Inner Healing & Deliverance Session utilizes practical & holistic strategies to develop Life Keys for future success according to your individual design. Our sessions integrate the Word of God, prayer, and the gifts of the Spirit as we release strength, support and restoration to the inner man! *** DONATION OF ANY AMOUNT for a 60 minute Zoom or Phone session. If you can't afford anything, it's free. We want to be a blessing to you! ***

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