When Feet Prophesy

"Go and walk through the land in every direction, for I am giving it to you.” Genesis 13:17 NLT A few days ago, I was reading this passage of Scripture as a part of my morning devotion when these words leaped in spirit: " When Feet Prophesy". I immediately sat up and read the chapter again and had the same response! Many of you may be familiar with the story of Abram and Lot and how they had to separate because of conflict between their herdsmen. Because they valued their relationship as close relatives, wisdom said to separate. Lot choose the lush, fertile land in the plains of Jordan, while Abram went in the opposite direction. Then the Lord made a covenant with Abram that as far as he


Inside of every living soul is this "thing" I call sparkle. Some of us discover it early in life while others stumble upon it later in life. The key is that you find out what makes you shine in a room full of people just like you! See, not all sparkles are the same. Each glisten showcases a different and unique aspect of who you are. As we allow the Light of Christ to shine within, the world gets the opportunity to experience someone so really and wonderfully made in His image! So the next time you try to hide who you are, remember, you were created to showcase His glory! Now is your time to SPARKLE! Let the world see just how beautiful you are ❤ ~ Lady Jewels 💎

The Place Called Uncomfortable

The School of the Spirit has taught me some of life's GREATEST lessons. There is no journey like the one you take with The Father, The Son and Holy Spirit. It has taught me to be sensitive to His Spirit. It has also sharpened my spiritual senses in ways I could only imagine possible. It has been THE most uncomfortable classroom but the most rewarding. If you want to di anything for God, get used to living in the place called UNCOMFORTABLE. Uncomfortable looks crazy! Uncomfortable brings attacks and whispers. Uncomfortable makes faith feel like failure. But let me give you one life key: DON'T BELIEVE THE LIE! The place called UNCOMFORTABLE is the place where the Presence of God lives! Many ma

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I am a natural born motivator. 
I believe in people reaching their full potential.  Although I am not where I want to be, I continue to experience this walk called LIFE.  Journey with me as we share together........Shelby F.

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